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Dr. Udo Ernst
Flexible information processing in the visual system: How attention configures computation in neural circuits.
Udo Ernst先生 [University of Bremen, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Germany] 専攻コロキウム
2019/October/9, 12:00, 3F816 

Dr. Ernst Niebur 
Perceptual Organization and Attention to Objects.
Ernst Niebur 先生 [Dept. of Neuroscience and Krieger Mind/Brain Institute, Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA]
専攻コロキウム,2019/Aug/6, 16:00, 3F816

Dr. Susanne Kunkel
Simulations of Spiking Neuronal Networks using NEST
Susanne Kunkel 先生 [Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway] 専攻コロキウム
2018/July/24, 14:00, 3F816 

Dr. Michael Herrmann 
Critical Brains for Autonomous Robots
Micheal Herrmann 先生 [University of Edinburgh, School of Informatics, UK]  EPMセミナー
2018/Apr/11, 13:45

Dr. Sidney  Lehky 
Coding of Faces by Tensor Components
Sidney Lehky 先生 [Salk Institute, Computational Neuroscience, CA, USA]  専攻コロキウム,
2016/Sep/29, 16:30, 3F816

Dr. Nobuhiko Wagatsuma 
Modeling Attention Modulation of Spike Synchrony and Firing Rates Generated by Modulatory Common Input through NMDA-type Synapses
我妻 伸彦 先生 [東京電機大学 理工学部] 専攻コロキウム,2016/Jun/24, 16:00, 3F816

Dr. Sidney  Lehky 
Dimensionality of object representations in monkey inferotemporal cortex
Sidney Lehky 先生 [Salk Institute, Computational Neuroscience, CA, USA] 専攻コロキウム,2014/Jan/23, 16:00, 3F1020

Dr. Ernst Niebur 
Attention to Objects and Perceptual Organization: A neurally plausible computational model for intermediate vision
Ernst Niebur 先生 [Dept. of Neuroscience and Krieger Mind/Brain Institute, Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA] 専攻コロキウム,2013/July/5, 14:00, 3F816

Dr. Hiroshi Tamura 
弘 先生 [大阪大学 大学院生命機能研究科] 専攻コロキウム,2013/Jan/31, 17:00, 3F815 

Dr. Ryusuke Hayashi 
林 隆介先生 [産業技術総合研究所 システム脳科学研究G] 専攻コロキウム,2012/Nov/5, 17:00, 3F815

Dr. Kenichiro Miura
三浦健一郎先生 [京都大学 医学研究科] 専攻コロキウム,2012/June/15, 16:30, 3F815

Dr. Hans. E. Plesser
Parallel Simulation of Large Neuronal Networks on Clusters of Multiprocessor Computers
H.E. Plesser先生 [Dept. of Mathematical Sciences and Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences(Associate Prof.)] 専攻コロキウム,2009/Mar/17, 16:00, 3F816

Dr. Yoichi Miyawaki
Visual Image Reconstruction from Human Brain Activity
宮脇陽一 先生 [ATR 株式会社 国際電気通信基礎技術研究所] 専攻コロキウム, 2009/Jan/30, 17:00, 3F816

Dr. Paul Sajda
Perceptual Decision Making via Sparse Decoding of Neural Activity from a Spiking Neuron Model of V1
Paul Sajda 先生 [Columbia University(Associate Prof.)] 専攻コロキウム, 2008/Oct/14, 16:00, 3F816

Dr. Tzvetomir Tzvetanov
Contextual Effects on Visual Perception of Motion Direction
T.Tzvetanov 先生 [German Primate Center] 専攻コロキウム, 2007/Sep/14, 16:00, 3F816

Dr. Yukako Yamane
サル下側頭葉皮質TE野における3次元物体表現 −遺伝的アルゴリズムを用いたshape spaceの探索
山根ゆか子先生 [Johns Hopkins University, Brain/Mind Institute] 専攻コロキウム, 2006/Dec/18, 16:00, 3F816

Dr. Hiroshi Kojima
[玉川大学] 専攻コロキウム, 2006/April/21, 16:00, 3F816

Dr. J. M. Herrmann
Analysis of Imaging Data using Attractor Neural Networks
J.Michael Herrmann 先生 [Insittute of Nonilear Dynamics, Göttingen University] 専攻コロキウム, 2006/March/23,  16:30, 3F816

Dr. Jun Nishii
西井 淳 先生 [山口大学 理学部] 専攻コロキウム, 2006/March/8, 16:30, 3F816

Dr. Takashi Takekawa
竹川 高志 先生 [理化学研究所 脳科学総合研究センター]  専攻コロキウム, 2006/January/24, 16:00, 3F816

Dr. Paul Sajda
Paul Sajda 先生[Columbia University] 学系談話会 2003/4/8, 15:00, 3F816
"Bayesian Network Model for Inferring Intermediate-level Visual Representations"

Dr. Tadashi Sugihara
杉原 忠 先生[Johns Hopkins University] 学系談話会 2003/12/16, 16:30, 3F816
"Figure-ground Organization in Cortical Area V2"

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Principles of Neural Coding, Quiroga & Panzeri eds.

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Shape Perception in Human and Computer Vision, Dickinson & Pizlo
Cognitive Neuroscience, 4ed, M. T. Banich and R. J. Compton, 2018
Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience, 2ed, D. Purves, et al.
Natual Image Statistics, Aapo Hyvaerinen, Jarmo Hurri & Patrick O. Hoyer 
Principles of Neural Science, 5ed, E. R. Kandel, et 
Sensation & Perception, 3ed.
Seeing: The Computational Approach to Biological Vision
Basic Vision
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Visual Neuroscience I, II
Cognitive Neuroscience: Biology of the Mind
Computational Neuroscience of Vision
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